If you want to succeed in your sports career,
you must understand: Your body is not the key. 

Improving it is not enough to get there.
But you will find out what it is:

You have a dream. You have potential. But you know something is wrong with you.

And here is the secret to reach your dream that you are probably missing out.

 Let me begin asking you a question…

Have you ever wondered why some athletes become one of the best in the world, while so many are just good and end up failing to have the career they dreamed of?

How did someone like Michael Phelps, whose teacher once said to his mother “Your son will never be able to focus on anything”, become one of the greatest athletes of all time?

Repetition? Everyday training?

Yes. He did all that. All high level athletes have done that.

So, they all have really great physical fitness. It is obvious, right?

However, not everyone has what it takes to do that without the proper tools.

Dealing with all the difficulties, the laziness, the lack of self-confidence, the failures, broken expectations while training or competing... and even so, still persevere, over and over again, without letting anything get in their way.

That kind of people has something else… because, again, not everyone does that.

Now, let’s see the best case scenario here:

Your training goes great, you can do everything you are supposed to, you have a great relationship with your coach, you try to create a great environment for you to develop your abilities...

But when the game is on, how can your training results be precisely repeated with thousands of people shouting at you and watching closely all your moves?

You can feel their expectation. You fear failure.

All the results are on you.

And we are talking about a lot of investors' money too, my friend. That is the business.

You just can’t lose focus. You can’t even think. Your mind can’t be elsewhere.

You have to ignore everything and everyone that can hold you back, so all you have practiced gets perfectly done. It is like magic.

Cristiano Ronaldo once was nominated to compete against Russia on the same day his father had passed-away. Even then, he wanted to play as the first-string player.

So… How do they do it?

Is it a gift? Yes, for a few.

But not for everybody. In fact, you can learn it and you can improve it.

And by doing that, nothing will stop you from conquering your successful career as an athlete.

It might not be hard at all, if you have someone with the right method to help you out.

That is what I am giving you.

The opportunity of achieving the level of the best professional athletes of the world.

Because working your body won’t be enough. You have to evolve your mind.

But there is one condition here.

You must really, really want to be one of the greatest athletes of your country or even of the world.

It has to be your dream. For real.

If it is not, you are not on the right page, sorry.

You can close it now to go do something that makes your heart beat faster.

Or… if you really want to play pro, click below
João da Silva
WHO IS BEHIND ATHLETE MENTALITYMy name is Gabriel Deieno and I am a former soccer athlete from Brazil.

I struggled with my mind for a long time during my career and I wanted to find out how I could fix this and start performing my best when I needed the most.

Since then, I started reading tons of books, contacting several professionals and studying thoroughly the best athletes in the world - their habits, their mindsets, the way they do things - spending more than 5k on courses and I finally understood what anyone has to do to become who they are.

Now, I know how they think, behave and prepare.

When I was younger, I had no idea how simple, but powerful, techniques such as visualization, self-talk, meditation, setting goals and many others were.

Since I started learning and applying these new techniques, I fell in love with this process of self-development.

However, I realized this kind of information was not easily available for everyone.

These are the kinds of things that should be taught at school.

And there are so many people struggling to create this powerful mindset in themselves.

For this reason, I decided to commit to help athletes around the world who are willing to work for their dreams, just like you might be.


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  • Develop the powerful mind that will allow you to become a high level athlete and get a professional contract.

    It is all available to you inside this course.

    Plus, you will receive it in a strategic order for you to easily absorb these advanced contents and start improving the way you think, train and feel from now on - starting today.

    Module 1: Introduction
    Welcome to this new journey
    How to use this content

    Module 2: Mental Training Skills
    Goal Setting
    Mindfulness meditation

    Module 3: Developing outstanding confidence
    Welcome to this new journey
    Introduction to Confidence
    Vicarious experience - Data for visualization
    Performance accomplishments - Skills training
    Verbal persuasion - Self-talk for Confidence
    Emotional arousal - How anxiety influences your Confidence
    Self-image - How it changes your Confidence

    Module 4: coping with anxiety - from anxious to excited
    Introduction to Anxiety
    Emotional arousal - How to find out your own
    Pre-game routine - Changing your arousal
    Retrospective recall

    Module 5: Motivation X Habits
    Habits X Motivation - Using willpower
    Creating, changing and tracking Habits

    Module 6: Entering zone of flow
    How your focus changes your performance
    Flow - The zone of optimal experience
    3 ways to improve concentration

    Module 7: Talent VS Hard Work
    What’s talent and how to improve ability
    Improve decision making - The right strategy

    Module 8: Champions traits - How they behave
    #1 - Confident
    #2 - Consistent
    #3 - Coachable
    #4 - Calm
    #5 - Conscious
    #6 - Connected

    Module 9: Common problems for committed athletes
    Dealing with criticism and haters
    Common addictions
    Not performing the same way in practice and games
    Burn out

    Module 10: From now on
    It’s not the end…

    Guided meditation for relaxation, pre-game, and sleep, just like most professional players do.


If you have a team or a coach, you know that you need to have a better performance.

They are instructing you on many things in your sport.

However, every single athlete in the world has/had a coach and a team.

Of course, there are some better than others, but not every athlete that Guardiola or Phil Jackson coached became Messi and Kobe Bryant.

The reason for that is because the athlete’s mind is what makes them reach a high level or not.

Neymar did not have all the best conditions to become one of the best players in the world, nor did Michael Jordan. They had a strong mind; they learned how to shape and control their minds.

How many coaches have taught you how to do it?
I bet none, cause it is not their role.

This is your responsibility. You need to learn and apply the rules that control your mind.

How many of these drills do you do daily: meditation, self-talk, imagery, setting goals, observing athletes, modeling your game, reinforcing beliefs, strengthening your motivation…?

You will master exactly the right method to improve them all, in a simple and practical way.

If you are not willing to learn it, you can continue to live without confidence, feeling you are not prepared, lazy, procrastinating, fearing your future, lacking motivation, making mistakes and not using your full potential. Therefore, not becoming who you want to be. It is sad but this is reality.

If you want to start developing your mind to become like them, this is your chance.

I have gathered all of the best drills that the best athletes in the world are using, I created a course that will lead you through this path.


- Playing your sport just like everyone else and risking having the same ordinary results most people have 

- Trying to fully understand what makes these athletes so successful. Then, understanding how you can use this knowledge applied for your reality, like I did for you, spending as much or more time and money than I did buying books, going to events, listening to experts and trying to understand how to apply all of this. 


- Spend less than $3,33 a day during only one single month to master and apply the secrets to the results the world’s greatest athletes have and develop the mindset that will make you like them.

And If, for any reason, you think this course is not the right one for you, you are getting your money back. So, no risk at all.


  • If you practice a lot, but when the match day comes, you just can’t use what you have been practicing
  • To stop thinking about what others are thinking
  • To perform at a high level, achieving all your potential.
  • To run sports, or even school, without anxiety and stress
  • To stop being a substitute player
  • To understand how to control your anger
  • To improve strategically your working out
  • To perform at a high level, achieving all your potential.
  • To master the formula to create good habits
  • To feel confident about performing and about your career


You wake up after a good night of sleep. It is a brand new day to pursue your dream and you are excited to do so.

After brushing your teeth, you look at yourself in the mirror, feeling proud. Why?

Because you do not see someone that is trying to succeed, that has a lot of troubles and challenges to face and it is being defeated by them.

You see someone who’s advancing. Walking forward, through a clear path that is leading you to the place you wanna conquer in your life: Being a well-paid and high level athlete. That is why.

Then, you dress up, get your AirPods, phone, put on your sneakers and go have breakfast.

After a few weeks applying the concepts of the course, even the food you eat tastes better.
It is no magic. It is just that now you know how to pay more attention to whatever you are doing.

Your experiences in general are naturally more intense, in a good way.

You go have class. Everything is easier to learn.

As you are now conscious of your thoughts and managing how to deal with them, you do not allow your mind to go away from the moment anymore, absorbing up to 8 times more of what is taught you.

After the classes, it is time to lunch. You take a quick pause to relax and then, go do your daily exercises.

The difference between your performance from some months ago, compared to nowadays is tremendous.

You do not only keep beating your own standards every week, but you have no trouble deciding whether to train or not. It is clear for you what you have to do.

It is clear to you that becoming a winner is only a consequence of your choices.

And you choose to win every single day. Over and over and over, till you get there. And you do.



20 minutes.

20 minutes per day is what you need to complete the course in 21 days.

No more than that.

Besides, you can access it from your cell phone, laptop, or even from some new refrigerators as you are aware of.

What is your excuse to not invest 20 minutes in your future?

Less than $3,64 per day, during one month.

This is what it takes to discover how to master the key that will make it possible to become one of the best in your sport.

Is that much? Won’t it pay off in the future?

Well, it is your call.

One of the principles I used to create this course was to turn complexes subjects into simple matters.

Therefore, everything is uncomplicated so anyone can easily understand and apply all these teachings that will allow you to become a professional athlete.

Besides, if for any reason you simply don’t like it, you can have your money back within 30 days after you join. You just need to ask me.

So, the risk is all mine.


Did not understand something taught in the course?
You do not have to worry.

You will join an exclusive Facebook group to have your questions answered.
This is part of my commitment, to give you all you need to apply these techniques and achieve your full potential as an athlete.