Even under a high pressure training, match or tournament, these athletes do not lose their confidence. They might get nervous, but this does not decrease their performance.

How do they do it?

Using special drills. Yes, YOU CAN perform at your best even in the most frightening moments, like in a stadium filled of people or in your college championship, even if you are insecure.

You just have to use the techniques they use


With a special sheet that comes with the Blueprint, you will learn how to track your habits, understanding what you should put in your routine in order to improve specifically the skills you need for performing better, making the most of your time to become the best athlete you can be.

This is going to make you evolve constantly and much faster, precisely in the areas you need the most, to get achieve your dream.



If it's hard for you to accomplish your daily routine, this is what you need.

You are going to find out how to persuade your own mind so that you don't get lazy, but inspired, to go after what you want with full commitment!


You will also learn how to set goals using the same strategy high level athletes do to make your goals much more enjoyable and easier to stick with, so you get easily focused on waking up early to practice, staying on your diet or applying the drills of this Blueprint to become a successful athlete.

Yes. It's 2021 and psychology has evolved enough to find out how we can make ourselves excited to go after something.

It is not only about hard work, but having the right drills to develop your mind.







Our mind controls our body.
And what differentiates a good athlete from a bad athlete?

What he does with his body!


Unfortunately, nowadays, mental training is only used mostly by professional coaches.

They know its importance, and instruct all their players to do it.


That's why you may have never heard about it from your coach. You probably only 


But today, this knowledge is available for you.


Inside the blueprint, there are special techniques YOU can use to develop extreme confidence in yourself. The same ones these pro athletes use.


Allowing you to perform using all you've got, not being afraid of losing the game, getting shout at, or nervous about what other people think about you


Apply these techniques and you will be able to show out all your skills to the crowd that is watching you play, instead of losing confidence and getting disappointed when the match ends, knowing you could have done so much better 😔


Inside the blueprint, you will also find out how to persuade your mind to stay consistently motivated to accomplish your daily routine.


And also, you are going to learn how high level athletes create their training routine, so that you create one that fits you the best, or improve the one you already have, but without getting burned out.




Maybe you thought athletes like Michael Phelps were born special. No. They are regular people, just like you. But they use these drills to learn how to persuade their mind so he doesn't get lazy to practice hard every single day.


Do not ever get frustrated anymore, knowing you are not evolving as much as you could, because you are not practicing as much as you should.


Professional athletes perform so well because they are focused on training hard every day they can, and you are going to learn how to do so, to reach a high performance.




If you have a team or a coach, you know that you need to have a better performance.

They are teaching and instructing you with many things in your sport.

However, every single athlete in the world have/had a coach and a team.

Of course, there are some better than others, but not every athlete that Guardiola or Phil Jackson coached became Messi or Kobe Bryant.

The reason for that is because the athlete’s mind is what makes him to reach a high level or not.

Cristiano Ronaldo did not have all the best conditions to become one of the best players in the world, nor did Michael Jordan.

They had a strong mindset, and with that, they were able to shape and control their body to do what they want.
How many coaches have taught you how to do it? I bet none, and it is not their role either.

This is your responsibility!

You need to learn and apply the rules that controls your mind.

How many of these drills do you do daily: meditation, self-talk, imagery, setting goals, observing athletes, modeling your game, reinforcing beliefs, strengthening your motivation…?
If you are not willing to learn it, you can continue to live without confidence, feeling you are not prepared, lazy, procrastinating, fearing your future, lacking motivation, making stupid mistakes and not using your full potential.


But... if you want to start developing your mind like them, this is your chance!

All of the best drills that the higher level athletes in the world are using are gathered in this blueprint and I am offering it to you!

If you want to get it, continue reading what it is about:







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This e-book comes with 24 drills, divided into three sections: Confidence, Motivation and Keeping Calm.
By using the drills, you are going to get mentally prepared like the best athletes in the world and stop feeling not ready and scared.

Confidence and motivation will be part of this new version of yourself.

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Here, you are getting the job done.

You will have a complete strategy to track your habits, mark down what you must do, step by step.

Once you learn what you need to do, you are going to use the workbook to put the drills into your routine.

In here you are going to execute the same drills CR7, Djokovic and Phelps do.

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In this section, you are going to learn how to become more confident, focused, play without fear, love pressure and start breaking your personal records.

This will help you to end with stupid mistakes, looking fool and fearing making mistakes.

Only by being confident you can perform at your best level.

How would it be to look confident like CR7?

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This section will help you to find that inner motivation to train hard everyday. Use these drills to end your laziness, procrastination, increase your energy and willingness to work hard.

Getting out the bed and getting the work done will become easy.

Michael Jordan impressed his coach with his energy during practice.

Do you want to know how do to that?

Check this section!

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This section of the Blueprint will help you to keep calm and even to like when you're under pressure.

If you had problems with pressure from your friends, opponents and coach, you are now learning how to deal with the pressure of a full stadium.

This will help you to end anxiety, nervousness, fear and getting embarrassed.

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Once you finish the Blueprint, the planning section will help you to schedule your own mental training with your own needs and make the information in the Blueprint help you in your life for a long time.

This is not like any book you have ever read; it is going to give you new habits, teach you how to stick to them, change your way of thinking and change the way you perform.


For the first time ever, I am giving the “Play in The Zone” as a BONUS!

This guide will help you to know which mental state is YOUR personal best to play, how you can achieve and sustain it during your competition!


Do you need to increase or decrease your arousal level?

Do you want to feel more or less anxious?

Each athlete needs a different level of arousal and this guide will help you with it.


Should you listen to music, joke around, have a pep-talk, do visualization or

rest before your competition?

This guide will make you to understand what you need to do in order to achieve YOUR OWN optimal state.


Each athlete has a different personality and so each one should have a different pre-game routine! Know how you can get better prepared to have YOUR best performance.


What is keeping you from becoming the best athlete you can be is one step of being solved.

You just need to give it a try.

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If you do not improve in 30 days using the Blueprint I will give your money back!

If you use the Blueprint and you do not get the expected results in 30 days, I will give your money back.

Now, you have three options:

👉 Play your sport just like everyone else and blame other for your lack of opportunities.. 


👉 Try to find out what makes these athletes so successful. Spend as much or more time and money than I did buying books, going to events,

         listening to experts, testing and trying to apply all of this. 


👉 Get the Blueprint and see if it really works. If it is does not, you are getting your money back.

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